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Yet another enjoyable dental study club

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Gipsy lane hosted another training evening with over 15 dentists attending from  Reading and Berkshire. Our guest speaker discussed the legal obligation to prescribing medicines is an integral aspect of every dentistry and treatment plans and a revision on how to take responsibility of  appropriately assessing our patient’s condition, prescribe within […]

Something new at Gipsy Lane – Facial Aesthetics

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Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care are proud to announce we have launched their new facial aesthetics clinic. The clinic is being led by the newest member of their team, Dr Asieh Ghasemi who is a dentist and has worked both in dental practices and hospitals as well as undertaking extensive training in facial […]

No More Fillings – Ground breaking research.

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No More fillings – can this be true? There has been an exciting new development from a drug used by Alzheimer’s patients which could help generate new dentine. The drug, Tidesglusib acts to switch off the CSK-3 enzyme allowing the dentine to stimulate stem cells within the pulp of the […]

Tooth Whitening is Safe, Legal and Worry Free at Gipsy Lane

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Tooth whitening can be a highly effective way of lightening natural tooth colour, removing discolouration as well as staining under the surface. Teeth whitening treatments are implemented using bleaching agents and it is therefore recommended to always use dental professionals such as the experienced and skilled dental practitioners at Gipsy […]


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