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Something new at Gipsy Lane – Facial Aesthetics

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Something new at Gipsy Lane – Facial Aesthetics

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Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care are proud to announce we have launched their new facial aesthetics clinic.

The clinic is being led by the newest member of their team, Dr Asieh Ghasemi who is a dentist and has worked both in dental practices and hospitals as well as undertaking extensive training in facial aesthetics.

Her experience of working in primary and secondary care setting as a dentist has equipped her with in depth knowledge of head and neck anatomy. This hand in hand with the training she has had in the field of aesthetic medicine has enabled her to be able to offer a variety of non -surgical, minimally invasive procedures.

These include anti-wrinkle injections and Facial Fillers to reduce appearance of fine lines and to enhance and improve your appearance in a very natural and subtle form. She can also perform more advanced procedures such as lip and cheek augmentation as well as brow lift amongst others.

Asieh will discuss your concerns with you and will formulate a treatment plan that is suitable for you and one that addresses your concerns. She also ensures that she uses the safest injectables available on the market, which are well researched by the experts in the field and that the injectables are sourced from highly reputable sources.

Contact the reception team who will happily book you a free consultation with Asieh.teeth in a day

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