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Three reasons choose Gipsy Lane for facial aesthetics..

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Three reasons choose Gipsy Lane for facial aesthetics..

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1- We take pride in the detail applied to all facets of our service and our Facial Aesthetics care is no different. Our highly trained clinicians provide the very best in Facial Aesthetics within an impeccably curated environment designed for your care and support. Download the brochure 2.crows-feet12.crows-feet2

2- As well as being highly experienced in hospitals and dental practices, Dr. Asieh Ghasemi has completed extensive training in aesthetic medicine and facial aesthetic care. This expertise allows Dr.Ghasemi to offer a variety of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures. Our staff always strive toward continuous development and our Facial Aesthetics team will evolve along with the treatments.

3- At Gipsy Lane, we treasure the reputation we have earned and we continue to apply the same values and work ethics in all that we do. We ensure that all of our care is conducted with the utmost professionalism but we also aspire to provide a warm welcome and ongoing support throughout your experience with us. Our Facial Aesthetic service epitomises these values and reflects the complete commitment we have to our patients.

If you are interested in our Facial Aesthetics care, find out how much it costs here.  There is usually an initial charge of £49 for all skin consultations, but this is free for patients of Gipsy Lane.

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