Letter to DR Hitesh From A Delighted Patient

Letter to DR Hitesh From A Delighted Patient

A letter to DR Hitesh from a delighted patient

A recent letter which explains a patients delight, following her dental treatment 

Dear Dr Hitesh,

I would like to thank you for the fantastic dental work you carried out for me last year.

Due to an accident in 1980, most of my teeth were cracked; over a period of time these cracks became more visible, the other dentists I saw, just told me the tooth or teeth would have to be removed, and some were.

When I visited you at Gipsy Lane, I needed some teeth removed and had waited for an appointment with the NHS for three months, as my dentist said he couldn’t remove them.

The treatment you gave me was the best I have ever experienced. The care of treatment you gave me was fantastic (I have always had a phobia of dentists and stems back to my childhood) The expert care in stitching my gum afterwards amazed me, as all other dentists would stuff a wad in my mouth and send me on my way.

You took the time to explain and advise me on the treatment you could do to save my remaining teeth. This work was carried out with great craftsmanship and precision.

You supplied me with plates to replace my missing teeth, not only for cosmetic reasons but practical as well; I can now chew food again.

You have an amazing talent in your field of work!

My gratitude and thanks.

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