Dental Training Seminar at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

Dental Training Seminar at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

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Gipsy Lane dental study club – IV Sedation for nervous patients.

The practice opened our doors to local dentists last week as we hosted a seminar on sedation in general practice provided by Dr Roy Kukreja , Consultant Anaesthetist in Southampton Hospital.

This was an extremely valuable 2 hours for the local practitioners attending as Roy provided a superb update on sedation, a procedure that Gipsy Lane has been carrying for a number of years.

Roy discussed a brief history and the drugs which have been used in the past – leading up to latest commonly used drugs available. Presented guidelines on latest expectations and requirements as recommended for sedation practitioners and brought to our attention the importance of good training and of course careful dosage to administer conscious sedation within practices.

There were various other points, which were really useful on a practical note, including the new drugs, which are available, and reporting the use of flumazenil and also developments in oral sedation that could be useful in practice.

Roy gave us all an insight of sedation through his practical experiences and sensible advice all supported by rigorous clinical research.

After a short break our very own cosmetic dentist Hitesh Chandegra gave a talk on his practical and real-life cosmetic techniques, of which he has honed for over 16 years whilst in practice. This section was designed for audience participation and to hear about other techniques that delegates have adopted. It seemed everyone learned something new to implement into his or her daily surgery.

The evening was a great success, and was appreciated by all the attendees. Our next event will be:

Wednesday 9th December 2015            19:00-21:00

Root Canals… No Sweat:   Endo tips and tricks for general dentists

SPEAKER:       Mr Federico Foschi Specialist in Endodontics, BDS, MSc,PhD, FDS RCS (Engl)

OVERVIEW:    Giving a deeper insight of the biology of endodontic disease and the evolution of endodontic technology and how to perform root canal procedures with enhanced predictability within your  practice.