I need a dentist and it’s Christmas

I need a dentist and it’s Christmas

I need a dentist! : You Don’t Need to Suffer!

If you need a dentist as you have a dental emergency when our practice is closed, don’t worry, help is available. 111 is the NHS non-emergency number and simple, and you can quickly get through to someone who can help. Call 111 and speak to a trained adviser that has medical and dental professional support. They will ask you a series of questions to assess your symptoms and immediately direct you to the best care for you.

Should you go to A&E?

Some people panic and think they should go A&E, but unless you have severe and unbearable pain, heavy bleeding, or severe trauma to the face, teeth, or mouth, if your symptoms do not require emergency treatment or a filling has fallen out, its best to dial 111.

Will the emergency treatment be expensive?

The dentist on call will only deal with the urgent problem provide necessary treatment to stop any pain. An acute dental treatment will always be charged as a private appointment, more than a regular check-up cost. If the dentist identifies any other problems, you will need to make an appointment to get this treated later with us here at Gipsy Lane.

Prevention is Better Than Cure.

If you can, book an appointment to see us here before the festive holidays for a check-up. 

If you have been avoiding us for a while, or you’re putting off being seen about a current ongoing problem you have with your teeth. We should see you while you and then you can avoid an emergency appointment.

Prevention is better than cure, and we do mean it! 

Christmas time is a time of lots of sweet treats, alcohol, festive food and boxes of chocolates. We want you to be able to enjoy this festive season entirely, so book an appointment to get your teeth checked before this festive time!

Emergency dental products

You could also purchase a temporary filling material that your dentist can easily replace later. You may also want to buy Corsodyl gel that will calm down an inflamed gum and relieve pain. If your teeth are sensitive, a good quality sensitive toothpaste will help, for example, Sensodyne.

Remember: book your check-up before the holidays begin – Dental problems always increase if you avoid seeing us! Get in touch!