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INVISALIGN Savings this summer

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INVISALIGN Savings this summer

Start your journey this summer to a beautiful smile with INVISALIGN, Reading

Easier than ever…


We are now offering FREE virtual consultations – meaning you don’t even have to leave your own home to start your journey to your new smile.


  1. The most suitable treatment which suits your needs

  2. Organise a budget payments which suit your purse.

  3. Provide a great offer with over £1,000 worth of treatment.

Your dream smile may be closer than you think. If you have minor crowding, Invisalign clear aligners can work its magic in just a few months.




Just upload a few photos of your teeth and find out if you are eligible for INVISALIGN and our great summer offer.


Virtual consultations can be conducted from the comfort of your own home with our friendly and experienced central treatment coordinator


Our orthodontic appointments are easily available, giving you plenty of scope to fit this around your other commitments.


Our Specialist Orthodontist has years of experience guiding patients through treatment, and providing the best course of treatment for you.


FREE Consultation

Complete consultation with Digital Impressions. Valued at £98.00

FREE Large X-ray

Full Mouth OPG at your initial consultation valued at £78

FREE Retainers

Designed to keep your teeth in alignment after your braces come off.

FREE Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening to complete your smile carried out at the end of your treatment.

FREE Aesthetic recontouring

Advanced cosmetic treatment which can finish your orthodontic treatment and produce beautiful natural results.

Our Specialist INVISALIGN Orthodontist

Orthodontics can be a complex process, and it is far more effective & safe when it is undertaken by a specialist in orthodontics. Meet our Specialist and highly qualified orthodontist at Gipsy Lane advanced Dental Care.

Why is it important to choose a specialist?

More about Dr Kia Papaganali

Let’s talk costs…

We know that cost is a big part of the decision-making process. Our orthodontic specialist will always provide clear costs and finance options to suit your lifestyle as well as your treatment plans. You can discuss your treatment and pricing options with your specialist during your free initial consultation.

All treatment includes contact with our expert every step of your journey, from your 3D treatment plan plus  your all-important aftercare.

What is I am not suitable for Invisalign?

As a specialist orthodontist, Dr Papagalani  will offer a wide range of options if you are not suitable for Invisalign.

Take a look at some of our other treatments.

Thinking of INVISALIGN?You don't want to miss this offer

Would you like to know if you can benefit from dental or orthodontic treatment?

Just upload a few photos of your teeth and get your dental report without leaving your home!T&C's apply