Orthodontic emergencies during lockdown

Orthodontic emergencies during lockdown

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Orthodontic Emergencies during Lockdown

Following the recent announcement of the Prime Minister regarding the coronavirus epidemic, we have made the decision to temporarily close the practice and cancel appointments for the time being. We are sincerely sorry to implement this measure and the temporary inconvenience this causes.

However we feel strongly that, as healthcare professionals, we need to follow the recommendations not only to safeguard you and the staff but also the public as a whole from the rapid spread of Covid-19.

We understand that your orthodontic treatment is important to you, but it is not an essential intervention. Please be reassured most patients can safely wait a few extra weeks without problems, but we will be reviewing everyone’s notes and get in touch to give advice and plan your ongoing treatment.

Clear aligners

If you are an Invisalign patient with remaining aligners to still wear, we ask you to wear each aligner for two weeks. If you have reached the last aligners in your possession, then please carefully wear them evenings and nights to maintain the current positions.

Orthodontic issues

If you have an orthodontic comfort issue, then please try and do what you can at home to maintain comfort, including using the wax/putty or trimming any broken or sharp wires with the help of someone at home. we are unfortunately not able to open the practice to attend to most comfort issues, but we will endeavour to triage appropriately when we are allowed to reopen to patients.

British Orthodontic Society’s DIY solutions to common orthodontic issues.

Please follow the government advice to stay at home, do not go out unless absolutely necessary and we will contact you as soon as we can to reschedule you appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

When we reopen soon, it is likely that we will have additional protective procedures in place and the details of these will be added to the website in due course for your information.

Best wishes

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