Facial Aesthetics Costs

    How much do these treatments cost?

    Consultation fee£49
    • Refunded when you go ahead with treatment.
    • Free to patients who attend Gipsy Lane for dental treatment.
    Dynamic wrinkles – Prices start from£250

    These are lines that appear when you animate your face and these can be treated with Anti wrinkle injections. The amount used is very small and extremely safe. The effect of this treatment usually lasts from 3-6 months but this duration becomes longer after a course of 4-5 treatments.

    Static wrinkles – Prices start from£400

    These are lines that appear at rest and these do not usually improve with anti-wrinkle injections and need to be treated with Dermal Fillers. The results of Dermal Fillers last around 6-12 months.

    What Are Face and Lips Treatments?

    Prices start from£400

    Our face and lips treatments consist of a small safe painless injection in the relevant parts of the face. These injections will administer Botox anti-wrinkle treatment or Dermal fillers to the areas of your face which are causing you concern.

    These treatments work on the underlying muscles which lead to the formation of wrinkles.

    Botox to remove Crows feet£250
    Dermal fillers to remove Smile lines£400
    Forehead- to smooth out lines static lines – Derma fillers£400

    Anti wrinkle treatment

    One area£250
    Two areas£270
    Three areas£300

    Lip Fillers

    Normally only one syringe£400

    Nasolabial nose folds to mouth lines

    Normally minimum one syringeStarting from £400/syringe

    Cheek augmentation and mid face volume

    Normally more than one syringe required (one per cheek depending on degrees of volume loss)Starting from £400/syringe

    Upper face fillers

    one syringe normally more than enoughStarting from £400/syringe
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