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Our Clinical Expert Says
“We understand choice is vital for our patients, we provide a wide selection of orthodontic techniques to give the best possible outcome and suit our busy patients’ lifestyles. ” Dr Kia Papagalani

It can be our little secret. . .

Our range of leading near invisible systems can transform your smile, giving you newfound confidence that you’ve never had before, and nobody need ever know!

As one of the leading orthodontics in Reading, here at Gipsy Lane Dental we pride ourselves on our innovative thinking. We offer a range of teeth straightening options to suit different requirements, and the best bit is that they can transform your smile more discreetly than you ever thought possible.

So, if you don’t feel confident with your smile but have been delaying treatments out of embarrassment, you’re in the best hands with us.

There’s so much choice when you go Invisible…

Our specialists offer long-term solutions for some of the most common dental complaints in both teenagers and adults, and our award-winning approach means that when you decide to go invisible, you can choose from a variety of options.


“Excellent!! So so pleased with my new smile. Dr Papagalani has been amazing and gentle, thank you so much!”

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Go Invisible…so much choice

Everyone love invisalign®

Invisalign® is a near invisible system used by more and more adults to improve their smile without wires or brackets. It allows you to visualise your treatment through animated visuals, which can be viewed online, giving you a clear idea of the finished look.

A series of transparent trays are designed, and custom made by using digitally scanned images of your teeth. Each tray is worn for a few weeks to move the teeth gradually into their new position. Invisalign aligners are removable, and teeth can be cleaned as normal.

Teenagers can also benefit from Invisalign treatment, however, it’s important to note that not everyone is suitable for Invisalign®. Dr Kia is highly trained in over 15 systems and so he can discuss your best options and offer a solution which suits your needs and fits into your lifestyle.

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Instant results –  with Clear fixed 

Clear fixed braces quickly and effectively correct teeth in an unobtrusive manner. It’s fast. Faster than Invisalign® and can deliver effective results in just six months. The process can be more affordable than Invisalign, with the average treatment costing just over £2,000, so depending on your specific requirements – this could be a fantastic option to consider.

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Outstanding results – to last a lifetime

While aligners may be effective at helping to straighten some teeth, the Damon System treatment method delivers more than just straight teeth, with results intended to last a lifetime.

The results take longer but this method is an excellent and effective option where correcting mild to severe crowding is needed. You can benefit from a wonderful full mouth thanks to the system’s gradual arch development which works to align both the teeth and the bite.

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About our Orthodontist

Dr John Alper has years of industry experience and a wealth of knowledge under his belt which has made our clinic one of the most highly regarded orthodontics in Reading.

Dr Alper regularly receives referrals from local dentists, and that’s largely down to his reputation for achieving outstanding results.

Compassion and care are at the heart of Dr Alper’s ethos, and he feels fortunate to be part of the orthodontic profession, where the work is exceptionally rewarding.

Gipsy Lane is renowned for its relaxing, non-clinical atmosphere, where we offer the latest orthodontic treatments in a modern, comfortable environment. Every patient’s treatment is planned on an individual basis to ensure the right approach for them, and we’re proud of our personalised approach to dentistry.

Private childrens service

Gipsy Lane advanced Dental Care is not an NHS provider for orthodontic care. Not all children qualify and waiting lists can be long. If your child does not qualify for dental care under the NHS or you cannot access an NHS orthodontist, private options are always available to your child here at Gipsy Lane.

We promise tooth extractions are only the last resort

Professional opinions regarding extractions amongst orthodontists in Reading have changed considerably in recent times. Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care uses the latest technology to deliver the best possible results, and in many cases orthodontic treatment may be started without extractions.

Our experts will only suggest extractions as a last resort if alignment or a proper bite cannot be established without doing so.

I am in my 40’s can I benefit from braces now?

It is never too late to have orthodontic treatment. Age should not put anyone off from having a confident smile. As long as your teeth, gums and supporting bones are in good health, you can have orthodontic treatment, whether you are aged seven or 70.

Technological advances in orthodontics in Reading have made braces more acceptable for adults as they are easier to wear and treatment times are shorter. These days, adults can have clear or tooth coloured brackets and clear plastic aligners which make the brace less visible.

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All Our Services

From simple dentistry to full smile makeovers, Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental specialists provide excellent dental care alongside the very latest technology for all the family.

women getting treatment

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