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When I was a young my wonky teeth did not bother me much, and although I knew it would be good to have a brace I wasn’t keen on having one. When you are a teenager you live much more in the moment and it’s difficult to see that a little discomfort and perhaps a little teasing from your friends now will save you from many years of self-consciousness later. My parents did not push me, and so I didn’t get my teeth sorted when I should have. Over the years they just got worse and worse, and although I was lucky that this did not affect my bite, so was purely a cosmetic thing, I always felt ugly, did not want to smile for photos and covered my mouth when I laughed.

When I was in my mid-twenties I did visit an orthodontist and obtained a quote, but it was very expensive and they said I would have to pay the full amount up front and I just could not afford it.It was difficult to shop around as lots of orthodontists charge you a lot of money for an initial consultation, so I tried to push it to the back of my mind and get on with life with wonky teeth.

When I turned 40 and had a little more money in the bank I saw an article about accelerated orthodontics and decided that I should try to sort things out. I reasoned that when you are young & fresh of face a few wonky teeth don’t matter so much, but as you get older the look of your teeth really contributes to how well looked after you appear. I went to an orthodontist round the corner from where I live but the consultation felt very rushed so I thought I’d try Gypsy Lane after doing some online research. Right from my first call I felt really welcomed, and when I arrived for my initial consultation Dr Alper took lots of time to explain to me the different treatments available and what my next steps would be if I decided to go ahead. I was encouraged to take my time to consider, and Dr Alper was always happy to answer my many questions by phone & email. It was also great that the practice allow you to spread the payments for the treatment.


Once I had decided to go ahead Dr Alper was always very careful to explain what each step of the treatment would entail and he provided bags of encouragement and reassurance along the way. When you are at the start of treatment (and having to have teeth removed) it can feel daunting and, though never painful, some of the treatment can be a little uncomfortable. Dr Alper & Priya were so lovely and gentle that I started to really look forward to visiting them each month. Whenever my brace got a little uncomfortable I was pleased as this meant the teeth were moving.

I wasn’t suitable for accelerated orthodontics so Dr Alper thought it could take up to two years for my treatment. I was really pleased and excited when he told me that after 18 months we were finished. I am so pleased with my new smile: – it’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’ve been grinning from ear to ear.

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