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Brand new teeth for only £25 per week

Patients who require implants to replace decaying or damaged teeth have, in the past undergone several dental appointments during which a titanium implant is placed followed up numerous appointments until the final crowns are fitted.

This treatment can last for many months and patients must wear temporary dentures, which may look unnatural.

With “Teeth in a day” at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care we use a new technique where numerous lengthy appointments are reduced into just one and the need for dentures is eliminated.

Our Clinical Expert Says

 “You have complete choice; we carefully and patiently explain every step of the treatment, and go over every detail and variables, including case specific choices and patients individual preferences so our patients have a total understanding of options and final results


How does ‘Teeth in a Day’ work?

The positioning and angling of implants with the Teeth in a Day technique means that a smaller amount of jawbone is needed for the safe and effective stabilisation of your dentures. Despite this, the stability offered is comparable to any other dental implant technique and can offer you some distinctive benefits. The use of these implants will trigger the restoration of lost bone density in the jaw, and will require a less invasive and protracted installation procedure. These benefits are offered on top of the other advantages of implants, not the least of which are improved:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Functionality

One of the biggest benefits of this technique, however, is that the treatment is complete all in one day. You can leave the practice with a full set of functional teeth. The treatment is life-changing.

Teeth in a day – A new technique to overcome the absence of enough bone

One of the unfortunate consequences of tooth loss can be its effects on the jawbone. Our bones are dynamic structures, and in the absence of a tooth to stimulate it, the jawbone is subject to a process called resorption, whereby ‘unused’ bone is harvested for use elsewhere. For many people, one of the major disadvantages of this loss of jawbone will be the fact that it can leave them unsuited to standard denture stabilisation procedures.

Digital reconstruction of how your teeth will look in your mouth.

We will create a digital reconstruction of the your smile. We take digital images of your face your smile and an intraoral shot. Our software then, performs a series of accurate and mathematically controlled measurements to verify alignments, symmetries and proportions and giving you a compete picture of your final outcome which we aim to achieve, this means you are given a complete understanding of what you new teeth will look and what shape they will be.

Detailed advice on the best payment options and 0% Finance.

Comprehensive highly individualised treatment plans report, discussing the best and most easiest payment options to suit your purse.

Get your consultation

A teeth in a day consultation, will give you a no-strings attached opportunity to look into this amazing implant option and find out if it is for you. The expert advice on offer will help you find the right stabilisation option for you, and in many cases, Teeth in a Day Reading, implants can tick all the right boxes. Contact Us today for more information.

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