Dental Practice development support through education with Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

Dental Practice development support through education with Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

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We are committed to you and your dental practice development.

We are an award-winning private dental practice based in Reading in Berkshire. Our team of professionals led by Dr. Jatin Desai are highly experienced, providing quality service and exceptional standards of dentistry in a caring and friendly environment. In addition to providing exemplary care to our patients, we are also committed to helping others to develop new skills and further their clinical education by providing essential learning opportunities. Our team of dentists are all highly experienced within the field of clinical education and we are passionate about helping others to improve their clinical performance and chair-side efficiency. We pride ourselves on our loyalty and commitment to our colleagues and we will go out of our way to provide the support and training you need. All of our courses are available throughout the year for every level at a very reasonable cost with the added benefit of having a number of specialists under one roof and one-to-one clinical mentoring.

We offer a wide variety of clinical training and mentoring including: –

Dental implant training led by our principal, Dr. Jatin Desai, a leading authority on implant dentistry. This training is generally comprised of a short presentation on the placement and restoration of implants with live demonstrations on patients provided by the rest of the team. You will have the opportunity to take an impression over an implant and a Dentsply representative will be available throughout the evening to provide support and answer any questions you may have. If you are considering placing or restoring implants within your practice our Implant ‘Relax’ evenings are held regularly throughout the year and are an ideal way to receive mentoring and on-going support. The evenings are free of charge and will entitle you to 3 hours of verifiable CPD.

Our oral surgery courses are led by Raj (Dr. V Murugaraj), our oral surgery consultant, and are invaluable for the promotion and development of oral surgery skills, such as the art of extraction, giving you a highly practical, yet reasonably priced, course at only £350.

Our Endodontic course are led by London consultant and specialist, Dr. Frederico Fossi, and give an overview of modern endodontic concepts including the role of endodontic diagnosis, modern shaping & filling techniques and the potential complications that can arise during root canal treatment. The course fee is £350 for full day’s training.

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Study Group – the aim of our study group evenings are to provide a regular opportunity to meet other like-minded professionals in a social setting and to learn and support each other in a friendly environment. These evenings allow for the chance to communicate with other local colleagues and may be especially invaluable to those of you practicing singlehandedly.

And last, but not least, we offer one-to-one clinical mentoring. Every professional’s training needs are unique and for those of you that prefer a more personalized approach, our team of dentists are on hand to help you improve your clinical skills.

Our practice is known for our caring approach and we enjoy an exemplary reputation within the dental community. The Gipsy Lane team spends a considerable number of weeks every year not only on improving our own skills through on-going training and education, but also on passing on our acquired knowledge, providing postgraduate education and mentoring to the local dental community. We place great emphasis on developing a good working relationship with our local colleagues through our regular events and study groups and we believe that partnering with us through support and training will help to provide you with improved skills to integrate into your day to day practice.

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