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We provide plenty of  time to ensure you are fully informed

We give you lots of information and make sure you are fully involved and understand everything. We allay our patient’s concerns by using state-of-the-art technology to give patients sound advice on treatment.

Detailed advice on your best payment options

Following your consultation our treatment coordinator will discuss your comprehensive highly individualised treatment plans report, discussing the best and easiest payment options to suit your purse.

Seeing your visual reconstruction of how your teeth will look.

We will create a digital reconstruction of your smile. We take digital images of your face and smile, and an intraoral shot. Our software then performs a series of accurate and mathematically controlled measurements to verify alignments, symmetries and proportions and give you a complete picture of your final outcome which we aim to achieve, this means you are given a complete understanding of what your new teeth will look like, and what shape they will be.

Meticulous behind the scenes preparation

It takes a minimum of eight hours of specified careful preparation for each and every one of our implant patients, we have in-depth team meetings where we discuss together your case, and we enter complex information into our software programmes which enable us to contextualise the placement, to enable the final results to mirror your expectations, we use bone topography, stent design and guides to digitally plan the pathway of insertion and ensure we use the optimum implant size.

Hospital theatre conditions

The complete treatment is carried out under hospital conditions, where the cross infection control is exemplary.

Providing pain-free treatment using the services of consultant anaesthetists.

You even have a choice to listen to music or watch a film to relax during your treatment with us.

Special Care for Nervous Patients

Our sedation services are offered by our principal dentist Dr Jatin Desai, who is also our in-house implantologist. All of our patients are treated with the utmost care and respect. If you are nervous or anxious we also provide additional services to help you relax. Whether you are worried about dental implants Reading or nervous about your next dental check-up, our highly qualified team of dentists is here to help.

Our Implant co ordinator says

“Low dose Sedation is carried out by most of our dentists – we also employ a team of hospital consultant anaesthetists who apply, very safe higher level sedations if you want to have treatment whilst you sleep.”

Emma Brambley – Administration and  Implant Coordinator

We provide bespoke aftercare after treatment.

We will be ready to discharge you when you are ready and completely comfortable, pain-free relaxed. You will be given our 24-hour number in case you need to talk to us.  We call you that evening and then again 24 hours after treatment.

The whole team is involved in your aftercare and will brief you on your case to ensure we understand individual needs at that time. We will see you a week after and then again in 6 weeks.

Your new tooth is crafted by award winning Dental Technicians

Our technician has the highest standard in the country – (picture of the lab).

Having a beautifully designed tooth is like having a fine piece of jewellery designed for you and it is imperative you meet with our technician.

The Smile design consultation means the communication between the dentist and the patient and technician is integrated. The technician will have the opportunity at this meeting to compare your accurate digital data together with your personal outcomes, colour and desires; to ensure you are completely happy.

Our Technician says

“Our Laboratory has become one of Europe’s leading dental experts in implantology, setting standards for the industry. Our philosophy is simple – to produce restorations that have a truly natural look”.

Richard Stock – Precision Dental Studio

Final Fit and your new smile

During final insertion, either a layer of the chosen cement is placed inside the crown or the crown is screwed into place for retrievability.

We will ensure a final check of your bite prior to you leaving us with your new smile.

We ensure every effort has been made to provide you with a high-standard superstructure that will last many years.

Your Maintenance programme to ensure you have teeth for life.

We will discuss the best possible maintenance programme as it is very important your new tooth is kept free from calculus and bacteria, We will as a team ensure we instil good oral hygiene, and that you must brush and floss, over the long term.

A well-fitting and well-placed dental implant can be an excellent long-term restoration for many years if the area is kept clean.

At future dental recall visits, all crown margins will be checked carefully by the dentist for signs of plaque build-up.

Advanced Procedures

Two procedures to help your dental implant needs

Bone grafting and sinus lifting are two distinctive procedures which can help you meet some of the requirements for an implant procedure.

Bone grafting

Bone grafting aims to increase the density or amount of bone at potential sites of implantation, and will involve obtaining some bone from other parts of the body and grafting it where necessary. The result will be increased bone mass, and hence an ability to safely apply advanced dental implants where needed.

Sinus lifting

A sinus lift, also known as a sinus graft, is a slightly different approach that addresses an issue to do with the height of the upper jawbone. Bone density is not the only requirement that needs to be met for a safe and effective implantation treatment, the position of the jawbone is equally important, and where the height of the upper jaw is not suited for implants, a sinus lift can make the adjustments needed to allow for implants.

This treatment will involve the grafting of bone to the upper jaw bone, or more specifically an area called the maxillary sinus, thereby allowing for the application of denture stabilising and implant placement.

Invaluable options for successful advanced dental implants

These options are an invaluable offering at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care and ensure that you have an opportunity to make use of the many benefits of dental implants even if you don’t quite meet some of the requirements. If you are interested in these treatments then Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care can offer you a consultation to help you explore the option further.

Contact Us today to book an appointment with one of our experienced specialists. If you would like to find out more about the team why not visit our Dental Implant Experts page.

Want to find out more? Visit our Why Choose Us page for more information or if you need more information on our experts in implantology follow the link to see how our highly qualified staff can help relax you in our state-of-the-art clinic. Contact Us today to book your appointment

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