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Our Clinical Expert Says

 “We believe in minimal invasive dentistry. Nowadays with modern bonding techniques simple changes can be made to your teeth and your smile just by adding fillings directly onto your tooth. That way, it looks great on the outside but is exactly the same inside.”

Saif Nasser

Veneers from £478

The whiter, brighter, flawless smile

Veneers are big business thanks to celebrities and makeover television shows. They are an effective cosmetic treatment that can guarantee a bright, flawless smile. Veneers can be used to address a number of problems such as gaps between teeth, worn, chipped and jagged teeth, as well as stained teeth.

Our Clinical Expert Says

“We understand how It can be challenging to visualise the end result so, we use state of art digital imaging system, unique to Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care, so you can see your final smile before we commence treatment.”

Randeep Gill

Smile trial- See your final smile design

‘Smile Trial’ is a powerful communications tool, which shows patients the results and benefits of the dentists’ cosmetic or restorative recommendations. Many patients are reluctant to take a ‘leap of faith’ when considering treatment options. Being able to see the anticipated result will give patients the confidence to proceed and become fully involved in the treatment process. The results are created digitally by a team of highly skilled dental technicians and it is completely safe and non-invasive. All that is required to see your perfect smile before any treatment is carried out, is a full face or close up photograph as well as instructions as to which cosmetic or restorative treatment is recommended.

Smile Trial 1

Smile Trial 1 beforebefore
Smile Trial 1 afterafter

Smile Trial 2

Smile Trial 2 beforebefore
Smile Trial 2 afterafter

Final Restorations


What are veneers?

Our Clinical Expert Says

“From my research in Ceramic materials, we know that modern ceramic veneers are a strong and aesthetically pleasing material that can be used to change peoples’ smiles. We use the latest techniques to maximize the strength of these materials that is based on the latest scientific research.”

“I have a specialist interest in veneer technology and a leading experts in glass ceramic capability with peer published papers on this subject.  I have worked closely with the leading Swiss manufacturers Ivoclar with the design and development of this specialist glass product for veneers”.

Saif Nasser

A simple solution that’s quick and easy, with amazing results

If you are interested in having veneers you may be wondering how veneers are fitted. Once you have agreed the shape and colour of your new veneers, your existing teeth will be prepared to receive your veneers. A layer of the shiny outer enamel from your existing teeth is removed so that when the veneer is fitted the thickness of your tooth will stay the same. If you feel any discomfort through this procedure we can of course give you a local anaesthetic. After this process has been completed our dentist will take an impression of your teeth so that your veneers can be made to fit you perfectly. On your next visit your new veneers will be fitted.

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