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Avoid the long waiting list

Our Clinical Expert Says

 “At Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care, we have our own in house Specialist in Oral Surgery who regularly attends the practice along with his anaesthetist.  This means a specialist can see you, and you’ll avoid long NHS waiting list and attending time consuming hospital. Our Oral Surgeon also works evenings and weekends, and can attend at short notice in emergencies”.

“Come to our Gipsy lane Oral Surgery unit and we will speedily treat you”

Jatin Desai

Occasionally you may have a painful tooth which is difficult to remove and have to be placed under the care of a hospital based specialist.

However, Many waiting lists can be long and in some cases an NHS waiting list can be up to 9 months.

State of Art Oral Surgery Unit

Our state of the art oral surgery unit in Reading is well equipped with all the modern technology and equipment needed for complex dentistry cases. Our team of highly trained specialists are here to help with any of the following dental needs as well as many other oral surgery procedures.


We have years of experience of dealing with anxious patients, and as well as being able to offer understanding and support for nervous patients, Reading our dentists and support team can also offer practical help in the form of IV and oral sedation. We treat all our patients with the utmost care and respect. If you are nervous or anxious we also provide additional services to help you relax. Whether you are preparing for a complex procedure or nervous about your next dental visit, we are here to help.

Many people are so anxious that they won’t visit a dentist. But, please, do not suffer in silence. We can help you to overcome your fears and calm your nerves. Sedation helps to induce complete relaxation and will enable you to feel calm before and during treatment.

Sedation causes you to feel relaxed and a little drowsy, but you will not lose consciousness and will still be able to cooperate with the dentist. Throughout the procedure you will remain relaxed and not experience any pain.

It can take a little time for the effects to wear off following the use of sedation. The dentist will advise how long it will take for the drug to wear off. During this time you should avoid driving, operating machinery and drinking alcohol.

Impacted Teeth

If you are suffering from impacted teeth our highly qualified team will assess your dental needs and discuss your treatment options. One of the most common problems of impacted teeth results from problems with wisdom teeth.

Facial Trauma

For a variety of reasons some people may require oral surgery to repair or treat traumas to the face, jaw and facial bones. If you have suffered a facial trauma, our experienced team will treat you with the utmost compassion and care using modern state of the technology to help you overcome your facial trauma.

Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

Our professional team are trained to correct jaw problems as well as soft tissue problems which patients may have through facial traumas or through medical conditions such as tumour and cyst removal.

Placing Dental Implants

Our professional team of oral surgeons work in close conjunction without restorative specialists to create the smile of your dreams using dental implants. If you have a missing tooth or are missing several teeth or would like to have your dentures stabilised, our highly qualified team of surgeons will help restore your smile and your bite through dental implants.

Our Expert Team

Our clinicians, with special interests and our dental specialists have undertaken various post–graduate qualifications to compliment their chosen areas of expertise and are formerly recognized for their knowledge and experience in their chosen field.

Go to the team page and get to know your clinician and find out more about their additional studies for their chosen dental field and how they can help you achieve your desired smile.

Want to know more? Contact Us today to book your initial consultation. Want to know more? Why not visit our Cosmetic Dentistry page to find out more about the services we offer.

All Our Services

From simple dentistry to full smile makeovers, Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental specialists provide excellent dental care alongside the very latest technology for all the family.

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