Do you feel embarrassed or ashamed of your feet? Perhaps you’re struggling with pain and discomfort due to an underlying foot or ankle issue. Here at Gipsy Lane, our skilled Chiropodist in Reading, Dr Timi Naik can help.

Meet our highly qualified Chiropodist in Reading

Dr Timi Naik has been part of the Gipsy Lane family since 2007 and has an impressive wealth of experience treating a variety of foot issues. Originally trained as a Diabetic foot Dr, before becoming qualified as a Chiropodist, Dr Timi has worked alongside many of our patients, as well as members of the wider community to improve the health and appearance of their feet.

Thanks to the support of Dr Timi Naik, we’re now able to offer a range of Chiropody in Reading, including:

  • Verruca removal
  • Treatment of ingrowing toenails
  • Corn and callous removal
  • Treatment for fungal infections of the feet

These treatments are designed to instil confidence, get rid of pain and discomfort and improve mobility and independence.

What are the benefits of seeing a Chiropodist in Reading?

Our feet are much more complex than most of us realise, so access to a qualified and skilled Chiropodist can be the difference between a healthy foot and one that causes long-term issues.

Opting to see a chiropodist in Reading instead of a general practitioner means you’re more likely to get your issue dealt with straight away. Some of the most common benefits of visiting our chiropodist include:

  • Access to the correct type of treatment or medication straight away
  • Assistance getting back on your feet
  • Support with returning to exercise 
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge that can help you to improve your way of life
  • Help to prevent future injuries

If you’re struggling with your feet or ankles, and feel you could benefit from the help of an experienced Chiropodist in Reading, we can help.

Get in touch with us today!

Here at Gipsy Lane, we truly understand how important the health of your feet is, so no matter what condition you are in – we’re confident we can help. We’ve supported patients with some of the most severe issues, so there’s no need to suffer in silence with your feet.

To find out how we can help, please get in touch with us either by calling on 0118 966 5656 or emailing at [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you see a Chiropodist in Reading?

A chiropodist in Reading can help you if you have medical issues with your feet or ankles and can treat a range of minor illnesses, including:

  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Verrucae
  • Diabetic foot advice
  • Heel pain
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Fungal infections

If you have any of the above or are uncertain if Chiropody in Reading is the right treatment for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by ringing 0118 4675529.

What is the difference between a Chiropodist and a Podiatrist?

You may have heard of a Podiatrist but feel unsure whether this is a better option or how it differs from a Chiropodist. The truth is, both Podiatry and Chiropody in Reading offer the same treatment and can help with the same issues.

Does Chiropody treatment hurt and how long does treatment take?

Although certain foot issues can cause great pain or discomfort, the relief experienced from many of our Chiropody treatments is often instant. Our Chiropodist is incredibly experienced, and your treatments shouldn’t hurt (you’ll be glad to know!), and we offer pain relief advice following any treatment. You should always be in total comfort when visiting our practice.

When it comes to the length of time your treatment will take, this depends on the issue we’re dealing with. Our Chiropody appointments are around 40 minutes long, so this gives you an idea of how long you can expect to be here.

How much does it cost to see a Chiropodist in Reading?

If you’re a long-term sufferer of foot issues, it can feel difficult to know where to begin. The good news is that here at Gipsy Lane, we strive to make our Chiropody in Reading as affordable as possible, allowing you to treat the issue as soon as it arises causing minimal discomfort.

Our Chiropody appointments start from just £55, and for this, you get a 40-minute appointment with our extremely qualified and talented Dr Timi Naik, who has been practising as a Chiropodist since 1990, so it’s fair to say she knows her stuff!