Gloop free dental Impressions – Stunning crowns

Gloop free dental Impressions – Stunning crowns

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Impression Free Crowns at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

We offer the CEREC system in our practice

Why – Because it is every patients dream – Beautiful aesthetic restorations with No impression and No temporaries completed in just one joyful appointment.

The Background on the Technology at Gipsy Lane, Reading 

CEREC was introduced into Gipsy Lane way back in 2001 and has and since its installation in our practice we have re-invested in this technology steadily ever since. This state-of –art restorative technique is still only used by the most innovated practices in the UK.

How it works

We firstly take the CEREC intraoral camera and take an initial image the tooth, which is to be crowned. The Gipsy Lane team preps the tooth in readiness for the crown. We use the innovative CEREC CAD/CAM software to create a 3-dimensional new tooth. CAD/CAM stands for Computer-aided Design/ Computer-aided Manufacturing. You can actually see what the crown will look like and then watch it being made in the milling machine.

How CEREC makes life simpler for crowns and Veneers

No Impressions & No Temporaries – If you’ve ever received a traditional crown in the past you’ll know what a palaver it can be – now technology has really improved the process. CEREC makes it possible to restore your natural strength and beauty of your teeth with absolutely no gloopy impressions and no temporary crowns.

Produced With the Finest quality Materials 

CEREC crowns are milled from a very strong material that not only matches your natural teeth but also mimics the composition of your tooth structure. CEREC crowns are chemically bonded to your teeth and will function with a reliabile structure that rivals your natural dentition.

All it Takes is Just One Visit 

We saved the best feature for last! With CEREC technology, you’re literally done in one simple visit to the dentist. Every aspect of your dental restoration is completed entirely completed within the practice. There’s no need to book a second visit to complete the process. As a result, you’ll save time and avoid the hassle of making a second appointment.

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Call us in reception- we can have a chat with you about CERAC and send you some information 0118 966 5656 or just click here and complete the form by requesting your free CERAC Information booklet.