Dental Implants – Sally’s Story!

Dental Implants – Sally’s Story!

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We all know the importance of good dental care. Our teeth not only allow us to eat and drink comfortably and effectively, but they are also intrinsically linked to our overall health, confidence, and well-being.

We deserve to be able to smile and laugh without insecurity yet many of us do not afford the care to our teeth that we should – why? As is the case with many things, time and money. Unfortunately, these two concerns dictate the vast majority of our decisions.

The team at Gipsy Lane Advanced Centre strongly believe that outstanding dental care should not be exclusive, but an accessible service that allows us all to enjoy the treatment we want and deserve. Gipsy Lane is hosting an open forum at the Moat House in Reading at 10 am on Saturday 6th October to discuss their fantastic ‘same day teeth’. This innovative service enables patients to receive sophisticated implant treatment in just one appointment avoiding the rigmarole of repeat visits and lost time!

The real benefit of Gipsy Lane’s ‘same day teeth’ though is that the treatment can be paid for with a variety of iterative payment plans. Through these options, implants are no longer luxury preferences but realistic and manageable choices in restorative dentistry.

Sally’s Story

We caught up with Sally, a local mum who has recently enjoyed the benefits of Gipsy Lane’s ‘same day teeth’, “I developed an extreme toothache in March this year and was losing sleep, struggling to eat and really do anything at all! We had just had our Easter break and we were gearing the kids up to return to school in April, money was very tight. I panicked and had terrible visions of gigantic dental bills and the last of the family holidays being wasted on back-and-forth trips to the dentists!”

Luckily Sally’s brother-in-law was a patient at Gipsy Lane and had been told about the ‘same day teeth’ treatment on his last routine check-up; “My brother-in-law told me to contact Gipsy Lane and following my initial assessment, Dr Jatin Desai booked me in for the end of that week. In one appointment, we removed the problem tooth and replaced it with my brand-new dental implants in Reading. Other than a slight swelling, I was pain-free and good as new within a couple of weeks. Dr Desai was very supportive throughout and once we had discussed my situation, we came up with a clear and feasible payment plan – I can’t recommend Gipsy Lane and the team enough!”

If you are having any problems like Sally, or any other dental concerns, why not come down to Moat House and discuss your options with the Gipsy Lane team. Dr Desai and his staff aspire to provide impeccable clinical care with a true focus on holistic service, find out what they can do for you!

Sally’s final smile!

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