Happy Easter from the Dental Team!

Happy Easter from the Dental Team!

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Don’t let Easter ruin your children’s teeth- Advice from the dental team

 Easter has always been a time to celebrate with family and friends. Originally involving the trading of eggs painted in bright colours, this tradition has evolved into a chance to gorge on something less healthy – the chocolate Easter egg.

While it’s an exciting time for children, Easter egg hunts and their sugary prizes can spell disaster for their teeth. So, how can you make sure you protect your child’s teeth without ruining their fun?

Children can still enjoy the abundance of Easter confectionary without running the risk of damaging their smiles. The trick is to encourage them to eat sweets at the end of a meal, rather than constantly nibbling throughout the day. Frequent eating of sugary food and drinks is far worse for the teeth than the volume children actually eat. After eating sugar, teeth are under acid attack for up to an hour, so if you can reduce the number of occasions your child eats sugar throughout the day, you also limit the amount of time that their teeth are susceptible. This is really important over Easter when children eat more sugary foods than normal.

During Easter, introduce sweets at mealtimes only, with perhaps one additional snack. Your child’s teeth will be able to withstand those four attacks of sugar and acid, and after cleaning their teeth before bed.

If you are worried about your children’s teeth book an appointment with us and we can check them for you – all children are check-up appointments are only £18.00 call us on 0118 966 5656.