Quarter of men want straighter teeth

Quarter of men want straighter teeth

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Men want straighter teeth

A recent survey of 300 men has been revealed that how 26% of the male participants would like to have straight teeth!

The survey was carried out by Align Technology in October 2016 to find out more about mens overall confidence in their appearance.

An interesting fact was that men who are aged 18 -24 were most likely to look to change their appearance and admitted that, if  they could change just one thing it would be to straighten their teeth.

As many as 44% of men living in the East Midlands and the Southwest where unhappy with their appearance.

Sadly, only 2% of those surveyed from Yorkshire and Humber said they where confident about their teeth.

Gipsy Lane understand’s that it’s not just women who are looking to change their appearance, men are also seeking to make changes but are looking for more of discreet solution, we are experts in providing fixed and removable appliance which are highly discreet so none can even know.

We provide bespoke plans for all ages groups our aim is to focus on your needs which suit your lifestyle- if you are looking for a removable appliances or treatment that can be carried out super quick Why not read out patient stories.

Our orthodontics Reading treatment aims to straighten your teeth and improve your smile aesthetics and as a result will boost your self-confidence, carried out within a short period of time, without any pain or stress, to help you look and feel your best.

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