Smart patients pay monthly .. it means we get to see you more regularly

Smart patients pay monthly .. it means we get to see you more regularly

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There are plenty of reasons we decide not to visit the dentist: it’s time-consuming, we don’t know how to access NHS dentists, we’re scared of painful treatment, or worse —  we worry what the dentist might find. But most commonly, we don’t go to the dentist because we feel it’s just too expensive. Indeed, over half of UK adults (52%) said they’d cancel a routine dental appointment if they had financial worries, despite check-ups costing as little as £20!

While Brits still get a bad rap for our teeth, studies suggest that our dental health is no worse than our American counterparts. In fact, the average Brit is missing less teeth than the average American.

However, emerging bad habits could spell bad news for future generations. Almost 1 in 20 parents of children aged 18 or under say their child never brushed their teeth and 7% admit they have never taken their child to the dentist. Shockingly, 43% of parents of children with a filling said their child had their first one aged seven or younger. Even babies are affected — last year alone, 47 children under the age of one had newly-grown milk teeth taken out.

So, if we know all this why do we still put off these essential visits to the dentist? If cost of dental care is your primary concern, it is always worth talking to your practice to find out if they have options available, such as a dental payment plan or subscription plan, which can help you budget or spread the cost throughout the year. Indeed, 91% of those with a dental payment plan went to the dentist every six months.

Here at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care, patients can pay monthly and budget all their dental check-ups and hygienist appointments for as little as £16.81 per month. Not so scary when you see it that way! You and your family deserve the best dental care available and we are here to provide a choice plan that is easy and unique to your needs so that you don’t need to put off those trips to the dentist any longer.