Sugar – Lets get smart – get the App

Sugar – Lets get smart – get the App

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We are urging our good parents and patients to sign up for a free app which tells you the sugar content of food and drink.

It’s really easy to use and makes hunting for hidden sugar fun!  the “sugar smart app”, from Public Health England (PHE), works by scanning barcodes and revealing total sugar in cubes or grams. every dentist is  hoping it will provide valuable information to help families combat tooth decay, obesity and type two diabetes and encourage everyone to choose healthier alternatives.

Did you know that on average children aged four to ten years old are consuming 22kg of added sugar a year. That’s about 5,500 sugar cubes – more than the weight of an average five-year-old child. The app has been developed to raise awareness of how much sugar is contained in everyday food and drink.

Worried about how sugar has effected your teeth, so why not come and see us? Our practice is more than just a dental practice – with our collaborative and friendly team, we are proud to have transformed the life-long oral hygiene of many adults and children.

We strive to keep everyone smiling by providing affordable top-notch dentistry, all while promising quality bespoke dental care in a child-orientated environment.

Come and see us soon…

If you have any questions about sealants or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to call. We want to help you and your children have beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

in the meantime – get the app today by clicking in here   GET THE SUGAR APP