Why choose a Specialist Orthodontist for my teeth straightening?

Why choose a Specialist Orthodontist for my teeth straightening?

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Why is a qualified orthodontist the best person for my Invisalign treatment?


Orthodontics and general dentistry have some similarities, as equally are both qualified professionals.

 However, there are some fundamental differences in training and level of experience between the two professionals. An orthodontist has more qualifications to fit the Invisalign teeth straightening system safely.

  • Both general dentists and orthodontists are qualified general dentists
  • In addition, the UK orthodontists go on to complete a further three years to five years of focused specialist study to gain a Masters or PhD.
  • Orthodontists have the experience and clinical; skills to qualified thoroughly assess the jaw and the and alignment of the teeth
  • Orthodontists are highly experienced in treating misaligned and overcrowded teeth as well as issues with overbite or underbite

The successful straightening of teeth depends on a complete clinical understanding of the malalignment of your teeth and ensuring the treatment plan is exactly the right plan and approach for you. 

Orthodontics is not just about teeth straightening; it is also about ensuring that your upper and lower teeth fit perfectly together, which is fundamental to prevent future potential problems like migraines and tooth grinding. An orthodontist will have the level of clinical experience required to consider the whole jaw.

 When putting your smile in the safe hands of an experienced orthodontist, you will be choosing the very best clinical expert to prevent complications. 

If you would like to see improvements to your smile or are worried about the positioning of your teeth then an orthodontic consultation might well be the answer. Get in touch and book a virtual consultation with us today to find out whether Invisalign or another solution can solve your dental problems and bring back your smile.

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