A patients’ Dental Implant Story

A patients’ Dental Implant Story

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Patients own words:  My Journey to Dr. Desai and Implants

It started when I broke my bridge and I went to my National Health dentist who could only suggest a full top denture. He also suggested he could get an implant specialist to give me an estimate for implants. I arranged to meet him but at the initial appointment he was 2 hours late! Although he said he could do the work for me it would mean going between Reading and Oxford and using the NH facilities in Reading.

Then I went on the internet and discovered after much browsing Dr. Desai of Gipsy Lane. I was so impressed with what I read I made an appointment immediately. Since meeting Dr. Desai for my initial consultation, I have never looked back. Every aspect was excellent, including the scanning, modern and up-to-date equipment showing exactly how he was going to fit my implants.

I first had my teeth removed in November with Dr. Roy the anaesthetist who was so nice, kind and I did not feel a thing – highly recommended! Then I had a break of 3 months with a new denture.

Secondly in April the next procedure was started by inserting the screws for the temporary implants which were fitted on the same day. A long procedure without Roy (sadly) but with another anaesthetist.
All went well and I was amazed that the following day I needed no painkillers and felt wonderful. I had so much energy I decided to play 18 holes of golf.

Now I await the final day in late July when all will be completed and I know I shall be thrilled with the result.

I cannot praise Dr. Desai and his staff enough, including Phil the technician, for all their help and you will now have me for a permanent patient for ‘aftercare’.

Thank you all so very much and if any new patient wishes to speak to me I will be only too willing to help in any way I can.

Very gratefully

Deirdre Batchelor

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