Can I really have a permanent new crown in under one hour?

Can I really have a permanent new crown in under one hour?

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For years, patients wishing to improve the look of their smiles frequently had to make repeat visits to the dentist. Whether choosing complex aesthetic crowns, or simply crowns, the process often required multiple trips and horrible uncomfortable impressions to complete the cosmetic improvements. Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care is one of the first practice in the country to adopt an new technology so patients can have a beautiful crown in just under an hour.

No Dental Impressions. Our Digital impression technology allows us to take digital computerised scan of the mouth and create virtual models of the teeth. which means goodbye to gloopy material which can make you gag.

Your new crown can be created in less than an hour. Your tooth can be beautifully restored in about an hour instead of the normal 2-3 weeks. As well as being quicker, this technique can mean less drilling and no temporary crowns.

Watch your crown being designed. Yes, you can watch us design your crown on the computer screen in the surgery. This technology means we can design the crown exact to your requirements and needs, from our experience we have found it to be more comfortable to our patients and gives you a complete insight into the process and to ask questions.

The design is then sent to our in-practice computerised milling station where the crown is fabricated in a natural yet strong translucent materials while you wait. We can then custom stain the crown to match your existing teeth, in order to give you a perfect, seamless smile.

 Stunning results. The Cerec crown is made from a solid block of porcelain meaning there is no underlying metal and no joins as with some types of crowns. This allows us to achieve a stunning yet strong result that blends beautifully with your natural tooth.

One of only a few practices in Reading who offer this service. This is cutting edge dentistry at its best and we are proud to be one of only a small number of practices in the Berkshire to be able to offer this to our patients.

Benefits to you:

No gloopy impressions– we scan your teeth with a wand-like camera which we simply place over the relevant area and the scan starts automatically The scanning process is quick and we can scan full-arch and half- arch scans can now be performed more conveniently and very rapid.

No temporary crown – In the past patients had to wear a temporary crown to protect their teeth, while their custom-fit crowns were designed. These temporary crowns added to the cost of the treatment, and were often ill-fitting and much more noticeable than a customized crown.

All in one visit – Using CEREC technology utilises scans from your initial visit to create the actual ceramic crowns here at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care. Eliminating the need for any temporary crowns, and allows you to leave our practice with a completed new smile.

Less invasive dentistry – Another difference of CEREC crowns, versus traditionally crafted ceramic ones, is that the crowns are bonded to the teeth through a chemical process, which diminishes need for sanding and damaging the existing teeth. Instead, we’re able to maintain much more of your existing, healthy teeth and their tissue than before.

The CEREC-made crowns are completely metal free, and can be used in conjunction with other dental procedures, such as root canals, to improve overall oral health.

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