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Dental Implant Patient | Clifford’s story

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Dental Implant Patient | Clifford’s story

Clifford’s Dental Implants, Reading Journey

Clifford’s background

Clifford did not look after his teeth throughout his adult life.

He was ashamed to smile and hid his mouth when smiling and talking.  He became a recluse and didn’t smile for the majority of his adult life.

Clifford decided that this was enough when he attended his daughter’s wedding without a smile.

His family recommended him to attend Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care.

His Treatment

Upper and lower fixed bridges supported on implants

Clifford had numerous implants placed and a fixed bridge, upper and lower teeth on eight implants.

After a full day of treatment, Clifford went home with temporary fixed teeth.

Clifford returned to us a week later to check on his healing.

Following regular check-ups and ongoing care from the team at Gipsy Lane, Clifford returned after three months for his final restoration.

The Results

He has fixed complete bridges on the upper and lower jaw. Completed all within three months. Clifford is over the moon with the results and “Feels great!” We were delighted with the natural appearance and function. Clifford explained he can now eat and enjoy his food.

Watch the video here