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Dental Implant Patient | Jo’s Story

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Dental Implant Patient | Jo’s Story

“I cannot believe it; I don’t need to take pain killers anymore! I can eat carrots and enjoy my food again. I look so different! It’s an amazing result, thank you, Gipsy Lane.”

Patient background

Jo, ever since a teenager, struggled with the health of her teeth.  Coupled with the fact she was petrified of the dentist, she avoided the dentist for many years.

By the time she reached her mid-life, she was in constant pain, broken and missing teeth and could not eat properly. Jo had reached a point in her life where she was living on painkillers every day.

The time had come to do something about her health.

Jo had been recommended by a friend to attend Gipsy Lane, and so she plucked up a bucket load of courage and came to see us.


Jo’s wishes were to be out of pain and to have her teeth no longer

Following an extended and gentle consultation, Jo decided that she would have surgery under sedation to remove her remaining malfunctioning teeth and replace them with implants.  The implants would then support fixed bridgework on the upper and lower teeth.

The surgery would be carried out in just one day under sedation (visiting anaesthetist). After a full day of treatment, Jo could go home with fixed functioning temporary teeth.

That night following the surgery, jo did not need pain killers as she was out of pain for the very first time in years.


Beautiful fixed teeth. Completed all within three months, all carried during the lockdown, without complications.

Watch Jo’s video here