Training Local Dentists, Reading

Training Local Dentists, Reading

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Fantastic Study Club evening at Gipsy Lane , where we were Dr Mark Hughes was lecturing on ” Digital dentistry”.

Here at Gipsy Lane we have always maintained our reputation as  the early adopters of digital technology in Reading – We were the first practice locally  to offer same appointment crowns, after we purchased our first Cerec machine 18 years ago. Since the digital revolution has transformed the way we work here at Gipsy Lane, streamlining our processes and improving our efficiencies.

‘Digital technology means we can offer a better patient-centred approach to our practice; it reduces patients  time in the dreaded chair and offers extreme accuracy. This means we can  provide the highest quality of dentistry to every patient”. Jatin Desai

Sharing our knowledge to the local dentists of Reading has always been a passion Gipsy Lane  – Our heart and surgery doors are always open to provide training  and support to our local dental fraternity.