If you are freaked out by the dentist.. Then read this…

If you are freaked out by the dentist.. Then read this…

  • this is a photo of a patient who is anxious before her dental exam

“I’d put off visiting a dentist for the entirety of my adult life but toothache inevitably struck”.The phobia of going to the dentist was that great! I felt as if nobody could understand how frightened I was. Finally, after 18 months of suffering, I found Gipsy Lane… The friendly receptionist was so reassuring and booked me in to see Saif.

I was that frightened, I cried as soon as I walked in(!) but I honestly can’t tell you how much I was reassured and looked after at Gipsy Lane. My wonderful dentist Saif and his lovely dental nurse, Helena, instantly put me at ease. I mean instantly. They are so so lovely. Saif didn’t judge me and didn’t tell me off for my teeth like I thought a dentist might(!) and he is truly the best dentist I could ever have wished for. He’s so patient, kind and reassuring…. he understands my fear and looks after me so well and thanks to him and the staff at Gipsy Lane, I have pretty much smashed this lifelong phobia!

I’ve gone from avoiding dentists like Chernobyl (!) to happily going in and even giggling away as I have treatment…! The difference it’s made to my life is so remarkable.

Not only am I free from dental pain, I’ve been to see a hygienist, first time in my life (Amy…. awesome, lovely lady!) and had some treatment and have been confident enough to inquire about and undergo a cosmetic filling…. all this considering 8 weeks ago I wouldn’t even sit in the chair!

I wish I found them earlier and didn’t suffer for so long. I was so embarrassed by the state of my teeth (which actually turned out to be nowhere near as bad as I’d thought!). It goes without saying that I can’t thank or recommend Gipsy Lane, Saif, Helena, Amy and Rowan enough. For everything. They truly are wonderful. I Seriously cannot recommend them enough. They are such a lovely, caring practice. I will never go anywhere else!”

If you are nervous an anxious – we are the friendliest and kindest dentists you could ever meet – call us on 0118 966 5656