Dr Nasser, recognised as The Dental Artist.

Dr Nasser, recognised as The Dental Artist.

  • this is a photo of a logo for the dental artist with a paintbrush

Did you know that no great piece of artwork (dental or otherwise) is produced through the single click of a finger. In fact, most artistic masterpieces are the result of a lifetime of work.

Even the simplest of sketches requires time and patience, and in dentistry the same concept applies.

We are very lucky that our very own Dr. Nasser is a super talented dentists and an accomplished artist and he creates a harmonious  link between the cosmetic dentistry which he  performs and the artwork he creates.

“To me, nothing is more satisfying than the final result of a cosmetic case: that big unveiling to the patient and the look of astonishment and happiness on their face. That feeling is priceless and although it may only last seconds, that one moment is all I need.

But so much more goes into the cases than just the final result. The result is a fraction of the total experience, and while Dr Nasser knows that he is  judged by that alone, it is the hard work in the lead up that should merit the most appreciation.

1- Meticulous planning 

The passion and meticulousness that goes into the preoperative planning is just as exhaustive and intricate in his art as it is in his dentistry. From Dr. Nasser’s personal experience, he feel he  gains the best results when he has been involved in all aspects of the case.

Did you know that Dr. Nasser is uniquely takes extra steps to ensure that every cosmetic case is perfection and the journey to get to the perfect shape can be a long one.

1- He produces his own 3D wax designs It is important to focus on the curves and angles of certain shapes.

2-Dr. Nasser chooses the perfect shades and whiteness for the perfect colour match.

3- Time is spent repeatedly adjusting the  temporaries so each and enery patient is truly happy.

“All of these steps are relevant to my artwork, which leans on the same principles, and allows me to explain the dentistry to my patients in artistic terms.

When I sketch, I have an ultimate goal in mind. So too with cosmetic dentistry. It requires a lot of trial and error to get
a sketch right in either disciplines.but when you get it right it is so easy to see in a sketch.

 I frequently explain to my patients. The more work you put in, the closer you get to the ultimate aesthetic result. And the ultimate aesthetic result takes time.

If you are looking for the ultimate cosmetic result. Ask for Dr.Nasser and he will aim for the moon to ensure you get a beautiful result you need.