Week in the Life of Amy O’Brien, Dental Hygienist and Practice Manager at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

Week in the Life of Amy O’Brien, Dental Hygienist and Practice Manager at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

A week in the Life of Amy O’Brien, Dental Hygienist and Practice Manager at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

Amy O’Brien’s week is a blend of meticulous organisation, clinical expertise, and leadership that keeps Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care thriving. With her roles split between dental hygiene patient care and practice management, Amy’s schedule is both varied and demanding.

Tuesday to Thursday – The Practice Manager

Morning Routine:
Amy’s days often start before the sun rises. After dropping her son off at school breakfast club she reviews her schedule, focusing on the administrative tasks ahead and mentally prepares for the day, prioritising tasks and meetings.

At the Practice:
By 8 AM, Amy is at her desk in her tiny office tucked away upstairs, where her role as a Practice Manager kicks into full gear. She starts by checking emails, addressing any immediate needs, this could be clinical or electronical or mechanical (Yes, she’s a fixer!)  and then dives into the day’s administrative duties. This includes everything from overseeing financial operations, managing staff schedules, to ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.

Only last month, Amy played a pivotal role in the recent CQC inspection, where Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care achieved an impressive 98% pass rate. Her attention to detail and thorough preparation were key to this success. She was in the practice by 6am to ensure every protocol was meticulously followed, reflecting her dedication and leadership skills.

Team Leadership:
Leading a team of 9 dentists, 4 hygienists, and 11 staff members is no small feat. Amy ensures everyone is aligned with the practice’s goals, fostering a supportive and efficient work environment. Her open-door policy encourages staff to approach her with any concerns or suggestions, making her not just a manager but a mentor too. She is amazing at giving the best hugs!

Supporting Additional Dental Practice in Reading:
On top of her responsibilities at Gipsy Lane, Amy also supports another local practice as a Practice Manager. This involves coordinating with their team, sharing best practices, and ensuring both practices maintain high standards of dental care.

Friday and Saturday – The Dental Hygienist

Switching Roles:
By the end of the week, Amy transitions into her role as a Dental Hygienist. These days are dedicated to patient care, where her passion for dental health truly shines.

Patient Care:
Fridays and Saturdays see Amy treating patients, providing dental hygiene services with the same level of dedication and excellence she applies to her managerial duties. She performs professional deep cleanings, offers oral health advice, and helps patients understand the importance of good dental hygiene. Her thoroughness and reassuring presence make her a favourite among patients.

Balancing Acts:
Balancing her dual roles requires exceptional organisation and time management skills. Amy often works late into the evenings to plan for the next day, ensuring she stays ahead of her responsibilities. Her ability to switch hats from a manager to hygienist seamlessly is a testament to her versatility and commitment to dental health.

The Superhero of Gipsy Lane:
To her team and patients, Amy is more than just a Practice Manager or Dental Hygienist; she’s a superhero. Her unwavering dedication, ability to inspire, and commitment to excellence make her an indispensable part of Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care.

Whether it’s leading the practice to success, providing exceptional patient care, or supporting another local practice, Amy does it all with kindness and professionalism.

Amy O’Brien’s week is a masterclass in balancing managerial duties and direct patient care, driven by her passion for helping others and ensuring the highest standards of dental practice.