How long are the waiting times for NHS orthodontics?

How long are the waiting times for NHS orthodontics?

  • Why is the waiting time for Ortho treatment so long?

Frustrated parents seek our advice here at Gipsy Lane as they are frustrated with the endless NHS waiting lists for orthodontic treatment for children.

We have noticed more parents are increasingly turning our Orthodondics Reading for treatment as they have concerns that their teenagers are not receiving the treatment that they need at the correct time.


Timely treatment at the optimum time

Orthodontic treatment works best in adolescence and whilst a child’s mouth is still growing. The jawbones are pliable and not yet hardened during the late teen years.

BUT the way the current NHS system is working is preventing over 20,000 teenagers from getting orthodontic treatment when they need it most.

Currently, there is an insufficient number of NHS contracted orthodontics to meet demand.

The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) recommends that orthodontic care be treated at the “optimum time in a child’s development” at about 12. 

According to the NHS, about one-third of children need treatment to correct teeth and jaw irregularities. These problems include gappy, overlapping crooked and malocclusion.

Without treatment, crooked teeth can result in numerous dental health problems. Crooked teeth are more prone to decay and gum disease which could eventually resort in tooth loss. 

What is the waiting time?

Orthodontic NHS providers struggle with the backlog of patients. The Covid pandemic has stretched the waiting list to nearly two years

Once you do reach the top of the list, not every child qualifies for ortho treatment on the NHS, even if they are unhappy with their teeth. Anyone wishing to have NHS brace treatment must undergo a rigorous assessment to see if they are eligible for NHS ortho treatment. It can often come as a shock to discover your child does NOT qualify after such a long wait.

Benefits of Private Orthodontic Care for Children

  • No waiting time.
  • Private orthodontists can offer more choices
  • Ceramic braces; tooth-coloured brackets that blend in with teeth.
  • Clear aligners like Invisalign in Reading
  • Faster treatment, like six months smiles.

Payment Options for Children’s Private Orthodontic Treatment

Should you decide to have private treatment at Orthodontics Reading Gipsy Lane, either because your child does not qualify for NHS treatment or because you would like to start treatment straight away, we can help. 

Our expert dentist Dr Jain will explain all the possible options and costs; we can even offer up to 12 months of interest-free payments. 

Following your consultation, you will receive a fixed price quotation for the cost of braces treatment, so you’ll have no surprises or hidden extra fees. Our high-quality treatments are available for as little as £75 a month (£200 deposit cost spread over 48 months 9.9% APR).

Next step

Dr Jain is reducing her fee by 20% for existing patients and friends so you can then discuss the options available to you. contact the practice or book on line here

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