Why It’s Important to Sort Out a Dental Emergency Quickly?

Why It’s Important to Sort Out a Dental Emergency Quickly?

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When it comes to a dental emergency, there’s never a good time to find yourself in difficulty. But it can help to know you’ve got a trusted emergency dentist in Reading to rely on when you need to. Here at Gipsy Lane, we’ve been offering emergency dental services for many years, and over this time we’ve seen just how much of a difference it can make to patients when they come to see us straight away.

Timing is everything when it comes to a dental emergency, but why is it important to see your dentist as soon as an urgent issue arises? Keep reading to find out.

What can happen if you don’t see an emergency dentist straight away?

Accidents can happen any time, anywhere and often at the very worst moment, so it can sometimes feel like less of a priority to get seen by a dentist. But many dental emergencies benefit from being seen immediately, and leaving it for hours, days or even longer can sometimes have detrimental effects. Some of the most common problems to arise from delaying an emergency appointment include:

  • Increasing severity of pain
  • Bleeding or increased bleeding
  • Risk of infection occurring 

However, the nature of your incident will ultimately determine how soon you should be seen. For example, a chipped tooth will usually wait without much risk of consequences, but a tooth that has been knocked out must be seen immediately, or the tooth root could die.

That’s why we always advise our patients to contact us as soon as the situation occurs, as this will allow us to get the details and make the best decision for you.

What are the benefits of seeing a dental emergency immediately?

As we’ve said, the risks of delaying an emergency appointment can differ depending on the issue, but there are also several benefits to seeking the help of an emergency dentist in Berkshire straight away, including:

Reduced risk of feeling self-conscious

If you’ve broken or chipped a tooth, it can leave you feeling incredibly self-conscious. The quicker you get it seen, the less time you have to spend worrying about smiling with your damaged tooth.

Reduced risk of infection

A filling falling out might not seem like a big deal, but it could lead to immense pain, as well as opening you up to the risk of infection. Repairing this sort of damage immediately can help to prevent this from happening.

Fast-acting pain relief

If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, the chances are that you’re also struggling with severe toothache and pain. Our dentists are well-equipped to help with this and can treat your dental emergency there and then to leave you relieved of pain.

When to see an emergency dentist straight away?

So how do you know whether the issue you’re dealing with requires an urgent appointment or not? If in doubt, we always advise our patients to contact us, our team can then discuss your symptoms and book you either an emergency appointment or a routine one. However, there are some scenarios which call for urgent treatment, which include:

  • Swelling in your mouth
  • Broken or partially dislodged teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A low crown or filling
  • An abscess 
  • Bleeding or pain after a tooth has been removed
  • Trauma or injury to the mouth or jaw

Here at Gipsy Lane, we can help with a range of dental emergencies in Reading, and we encourage all of our patients to get in touch if they have any concerns about the health of their teeth or gums. You can contact us on 0118 966 5656.