Is it really necessary to attend the dentist on a regular basis?

Is it really necessary to attend the dentist on a regular basis?

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Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care discuss why it is essential to attend the dentist on a regular basis.

If you’re lucky enough to avoid tooth pain, sensitive teeth and bleeding gums, you may think it’s really not necessary to arrange a trip to the dentist. However, as much as we love to hear our patients are enjoying great dental health, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that regular check-ups and seeing the dentist on a regular basis is essential to ensure your oral health stays at its best and trouble-free.

With oral health, it’s fair to say it’s sometimes not so easy to spot when something needs attention, whereas with our physical health, we generally know when we’re feeling out of sorts. But by allowing a dental professional to keep a close eye on your teeth and gums through regular dental appointments, a dentist can watch out for early warning signs of trouble and provide effective treatment plans. By avoiding or missing appointments, patients can leave themselves vulnerable to oral issues which can, if left untreated, cause problematic issues.

Why you should arrange regular appointments

The need to get to know your dentist and arrange frequent visits cannot be emphasised enough. The following points will assist in understanding the importance of regular checkups:

  • In the UK, Gum Disease affects 3 out of 4 adults over the age of 35. With an early diagnosis when gum disease is in its early stages, it is possible to reverse.
  • Tooth pain, sensitive teeth and bleeding gums can cause discomfort. Addressing problems early can avoid extensive treatment and save you in the long run!
  • There is a rise in oral cancer rates. However if diagnosed early it is much more treatable. Early detection results in a survival outcome of 90%.

Your consultation at Gipsy Lane

During a routine check up at Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care, a dental practitioner will check teeth and gums thoroughly. This allows the identification of any signs of tooth decay or gum disease, which in many cases can be reversed before causing damage. The benefit of attending regular check-ups at Gipsy Lane is that the dentist will monitor the health of your mouth and recognise any changes to overall oral heath associated treatment required.

At Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care, we like to get to know our patients and understand any lifestyle changes that may affect dental heath. Our dentists also provide advice on maintaining the best oral heath, whether that is dietary advice, tips on dental hygiene or even some help on stopping smoking. Many of our patients are also involved in sports and various jobs which present risks. We can offer great advise on how to prevent injury to teeth and gums in areas such as contact sports.

How often are regular checkups scheduled?

Your checkups will very much depend on your level of oral health and as individuals; each of us differs in the number of recommended checkups required with factors such as past dental care and general health impacting this decision. However, we won’t ask you to visit more than what is necessary.

For patients who require specialised treatments such as orthodontics, periodontics and endodontics, we are delighted to offer advanced dental treatments in-house at Gipsy Lane. This is a service we are proud to offer to our patients, it also alleviates any stress associated with visiting another unfamiliar surgery for treatment.

We also have a great team of oral hygienists who professional clean and polish teeth and gums using the latest Airflow equipment. This painlessly removes built-up plaque and tarter as well as suborn surface stains. The finished result is a very pleasing brighter, whiter smile!

If you would like to arrange an appointment at Gipsy Lane for a dental or hygiene appointment please contact us, or call us on 0118 966 5656 we look forward to hearing from you.