No More Fillings – Ground breaking research.

No More Fillings – Ground breaking research.

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No More fillings – can this be true?

There has been an exciting new development from a drug used by Alzheimer’s patients which could help generate new dentine. The drug, Tidesglusib acts to switch off the CSK-3 enzyme allowing the dentine to stimulate stem cells within the pulp of the tooth encouraging regrowth.

This phenomenal new research is giving a whole new perspective to tooth decay with the opportunity to promote dentine growth. As a dental practitioner this development could make fillings a thing of the past with the possibility that a biodegradable sponge containing the drug could be inserted into the tooth to promote growth. The research into the study suggests that both the pulp of the tooth would be protected as well as restoring the dentine making it a fantastic natural solution for large cavities. The drug in use in the study has been shown to help regenerate minerals in large cavities and fill holes, therefore eliminating the requirement for traditional fillings.

The study at present has been tested on the teeth of mice with a biodegradable sponge soaked in the drug inserted into the tooth and sealed. Following examination several weeks later, the sponge had degraded and new dentine had developed.

In relation to traditional fillings, they have been a stable in dental treatments over the years, they do however suffer from wear and tear and by continually repairing a filled tooth, the cavity gradually gets larger and can eventually lead to extraction. We subject fillings to a lot of pressure and they can leak, crack and fall out. This new research would provide a very novel approach to fillings and enable dental practitioners to save the tooth, avoiding unnecessary extraction.

While the current stage of research shows great promise, my colleagues and I look forward to the study being translated into clinical application. This would be a huge development for dentists and treatments and most certainly one which would be embraced at Gipsy Lane. A drug which creates a more natural method of tooth repair would also mean less invasive treatment options for patients.

Traditional fillings can occasionally cause sensitivity for a couple of weeks. Some patients also vary in response to different filling materials and the tooth can react to such materials. The use of a natural, biodegradable sponge would be a superb solution to tooth decay.

Despite offering comfortable, caring and relaxed surroundings at Gipsy Lane, there are some patients who will continue to suffer from dental phobia, whether it’s the fear of the sound of the dentist’s drill or other dental treatments. If phobia-prone patients knew there was a new, natural way to stimulate tooth regrowth, I am sure this would drastically eliminate dental anxiety and be a great comfort to them.

We hope that as this research study progresses further, we’ll be able to inform our patients of the decline of the dentists drill and instead recommend an alternative treatment that enhances the natural ability of the tooth to repair itself naturally through the activation of stem cells. We will keep you up to date on the status of this current study.

If you are nervous and are seeking alternative ways to be treated – contact us on 0118 966 5656 and we can discuss your options.