Mouth Cancer is the fastest growing cancers in UK

Mouth Cancer is the fastest growing cancers in UK

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Mouth Cancer is the fastest growing cancers in UK

As a centre for Advanced Dentistry within Reading, we are seeing increased prevalence of mouth cancer in our practice.

We feel it is our duty as professionals to provide some advice on this subject as it seems so many of our patients have little knowledge on the cause and the symptoms of mouth cancer are unaware of the symptoms.

FACT : Did you know 8,300 people in the UK were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year.

A recent survey carried out by the Oral Health Foundation identified British people have poor knowledge of the disease

A recent survey carried out by the Oral Health Foundation, shows only 36% of people recognise the early warning signs of oral cancer.

33% of Brits are unaware that smoking causes oral cancer.

It suggests that more than half (57%) didn’t realise alcohol can contribute to the disease too.

‘Our awareness of mouth cancer remains staggering low,’ chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, said.

‘Education about mouth cancer is without doubt the biggest roadblock we face in transforming the landscape of the disease.

‘Both the number of people being diagnosed with mouth cancer, and those losing their life to the disease, can be dramatically improved with more information about the causes and early warning signs.’

We have seen an increase of this type of cancer in our patients at Gipsy Lane

Dr Jatin Desai said “ Mouth cancer is the most fastest growing cancers in the country, with cases jumping by 135% over the last 20 years”.

‘By regularly examining the mouth and seeking professional help quickly, identify and can improve our chances of beating the disease.’

Cancer screening at every check-up

We carry out a complete cancer mouth check as every check-up as beating mouth cancer is dependent on early diagnosis, this can greatly improve the chances of survival. Sadly, far too many mouth cancers are not spotted early enough.

The disease is linked to lifestyle we always advise our patients of the many things that can be done to reduce the number of cases.

‘By making a few simple changes to our lifestyle, we can considerably lessen our risk of mouth cancer,’ Dr Desai concludes

‘I know it’s always the same old lifestyle changes but by cutting down on alcohol, quitting cigarettes and eating healthier, will not only reduce our chance developing mouth cancer and theses lifestyle habits will also provide wider benefits to our general health”

How to spot the signs..…

Mouth cancer can strike in a number of places, including the lips, tongue, gums and cheeks, and given that early detection is so crucial for survival, it’s extremely important that we all know what to look out for.

Three signs and symptoms not to ignore are:

  • Mouth ulcers which do not heal in three weeks.
  • Red and white patches in the mouth.
  • Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth or head and neck area.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it is essential that you contact us immediately.  Book an appointment here