Patient Day – Talking Implants

Patient Day – Talking Implants

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Dental implants - Gipsy Lane Advanced Dental Care

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Talking Dental Implants

The Gipsy lane clinical team are heading out to the Moat House and providing a talk about implants, as they’re keen to tell patients about how cost effective they now have become.

We are currently living in great times for dental implantology, technology has improved and prices are coming down. There is never a better time to have dental implants.

So much has happened in the last 10 years including the introduction of new materials which are ven more biocompatible and high in strength means we can restore more teeth on less implants!  Saving patients money!

What really has made phenomenal progress has been the advances of new clinical  techniques which make dental implants now a straightforward procedure, which means less discomfort.

Gipsy lane advanced dental care  has since 1987 been at the forefront of Dental Implant  Surgery in the UK, our clinical team are recognised throughout the UK as key option leaders and lecture dentists on the subject.

Find out how Dental implants works, what options are available and what might be on the horizon. Meet patients who have undergone procedures and also get a chance to meet our surgeons and staff and have all your questions answered.

Find out if Dental Implants in Reading are right for you. Learn about options available to eliminate the need for dentures just in one day! You also will have the chance to see for your self the level of technology used at Gipsy lane where working closely with the Dental Implant  industry we are always ahead.

Limited Places – Register early to reserve your place!

Most of the patients we have treated her at Gipsy lane say the same thing ….

“I wish I did this years ago”

They eat food they love, without having to worry about loose dentures or awkward mishaps.

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