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Case Review 1

This gentleman attended the practice after falling off his bike. The teeth were restored with a tooth colour filling material – Composite. They were directly bonded to the teeth. This procedure allowed us to provide an immediate solution to restore the aesthetics, to protect the remaining tooth, and give the nerve of the tooth a chance to survive. When a tooth is subjected to trauma, there is a risk that the nerve of the tooth may die. This type of treatment offers further treatment options if required.

Case Review 2

This young man unfortunately did not develop all of his adult teeth, and had retained some of his milk teeth. Recently he had lost these milk teeth, and wanted to get them replaced. He was also unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth. It was decided to place 3 implants at the front and by bonding tooth coloured filling material – Composite – to the front teeth, we were able to reshape these teeth

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Specialist Dentistry

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Family Dentistry

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